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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Civics in Hindi Medium | CBSE Class 6th SST Civics Textbook Solutions PDF

NCERT Solutions of Civics holds a great weightage in understanding the concepts. If you wish to score better grades in social science exams then preparing the Civics concepts is a must. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science given by subject experts gives you a deeper insight into the concepts. Students can find it easy to study the difficult concepts too if they have the handy Class 6th NCERT Solutions of Social Science Civics in Hindi.

Revise the entire syllabus in no time by downloading the 6th Class Social Science Civics NCERT Solutions in Hindi Medium. You can find all questions from the NCERT Class 6 Textbooks explained in a simple and lucid manner for better understanding. Clear all your doubts regarding the subject Civics using the CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Civics in Hindi and stand out from your peers.

NCERT Class 6th SST Civics Textbook Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Civics in Hindi Medium

In order to score better grades in Class 6 Social Science Civics one needs to prepare all the chapters in them effectively. All the Hindi Medium NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science helps you understand the chapters and the topics within quite easily.

NCERT Civics Solutions of 6th Class prepared are in a simple and comprehensive manner so that it would be easy to understand the topics mentioned. 6th Standard NCERT Solutions of Class 6 Social Science Civics in Hindi acts as the best resource to assist you in learning the concepts. With the below provided quick links access all civics chapters in PDF Format for free of cost.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Civics: Social and Political Life – I (इकाई 3: नागरिक शास्त्र – सामाजिक एवं राजनीतिक जीवन – I)

Hindi Medium NCERT Solutions Class 6 Civics Book PDF Chapters Overview

Students can have an overall idea of what does the 6th Class SST Civics Textbooks include. They are explained in the further modules

Chapter 1 Understanding Diversity (विविधता की समझ)

In Chapter 1 of Understanding Diversity,  you will know different perspectives of diversity. Students can get to know the actual meaning of diversity and understand it thoroughly, recognize individual differences in terms of race, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and many more factors.

Chapter 2 Diversity and Discrimination (विविधता एवं भेदभाव)

This Chapter 2 of Social and Political Science is a continuation of Chapter 1 and mainly deals with Prejudice, Inequality Upon Diversity, How the constitution respects diversity, etc. The chapter further discusses in detail diversity and discrimination.

Chapter 3 What is Government (सरकार क्या है?)

In this Chapter 3 of Class 6 Civics, you will understand the purpose of establishing a government in India. Also, learn about various forms of government likely democracy, republic, dictatorship, monarchy, aristocracy, and so on. Learn the definition of Government, its role, and its functions.

Chapter 4 Key Elements of a Democratic Government (लोकतांत्रिक सरकार के मुख्य तत्त्व)

Chapter 4 is interconnected with Chapter 3 and talks about government functions, how do ordinary people take part in them, etc. Grade 6 Children can understand the need for equality and justice, how to solve conflicts by democratic means, key elements that influence the functioning of democratic government.

NCERT Civics Class 6 Solutions

Chapter 5 Panchayati raj (पंचायती राज)

In Chapter 5 Panchayati Raj is a system of governance that operates with small units of local administration namely gram panchayats. 6th Graders can understand how people elect their representatives and how decisions are made in rural areas. Know the different types of Panchayat i.e. Gram Panchayat (village level), Panchayat Samiti (block level), and Zila Parishad (district level).

Chapter 6 Rural Administration (गाँव का प्रशासन)

Students can know the importance and role of police in Rural Administration. In addition, you will get acquainted with Patwari System and its Importance in Rural Administration. Learn about different types of officers who take charge in rural areas maintenance.

Chapter 7 Urban Administration (नगर प्रशासन)

In this Chapter 7 of Urban Administration, you can get an idea of how urban administration is responsible for providing basic facilities like electricity and water. Furthermore, you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of urban administration.

Chapter 8 Rural Livelihoods (ग्रामीण क्षेत्र में आजीविका)

In Class 6 Social Science Civics Chapter 8 you will understand the different ways in which rural people earn their livelihood in villages. Difficulties the people in rural areas are facing in order to have a constant source of income and the actions taken by the Government for the betterment of their Livelihood.

Chapter 9 Urban Livelihoods (शहरी क्षेत्र में आजीविका)

This Chapter on Urban Livelihoods discusses majorly how people in cities manage and earn their livelihood. Know various forms of employment along with the risks involved in them.

NCERT Class 6 Civics Solutions

Salient Features of NCERT Solutions Class 6 Civics Social and Political Science

Some of the key features of Class 6th NCERT Solutions for Civics are provided for your reference. They are as under

  • All the Questions are provided from Lessons of the NCERT Textbooks as per the CBSE Board Guidelines.
  • Class 6 Social Science NCERT Solutions of Civics are free to download, thus allowing you to prepare the concepts offline.
  • Students need not worry about the accuracy of the solutions as they are given by subject experts after extensive research adhering to the Latest CBSE Guidelines.
  • Each and Every Solution explained is given simply and comprehensively so that you don’t feel any difficulty in understanding the topics.

FAQs on NCERT Civics Class 6 Solutions

1. Is it necessary to prepare from NCERT Solutions Class 6 Civics to score good grades in CBSE Exams?

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Civics is a must-have resource to prepare all the concepts underlying. Access the 6th Class Civics NCERT Solutions PDforganizedd efficiently and resolve all your queries.

2. How many chapters are there in Class 6 Social Science Civics?

There are 9 chapters in total in the Class 6th Civics Social Science Textbooks.

3. Where can I get Class 6th Social Science Civics NCERT Solutions for free?

You can find Class 6 Social Science Civics Hindi NCERT Solutions for free on our site so that you can prepare well.


We advise students to follow the exclusive collection of Class 6 Social Science Civics Hindi NCERT Solutions to score well in board exams and to have a grip on the subject. Also, bookmark our site to get the latest updates on NCERT Solutions for the 6th Class along with other subjects at your fingertips.

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