Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics in Hindi Medium and English Medium | CBSE Class 11th Physics NCERT Book Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics in Hindi and English Medium can be accessed from here for free. All the Class 11th Physics NCERT Solutions provided are given by subject experts after extensive research. NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Physics gives authentic information completely on basis of the latest CBSE Syllabus Guidelines. We have provided the Class 11th Physics NCERT Solutions keeping in mind both exam and competitive exam perspectives. Download the Chapterwise NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Physics through quick links and get a good hold of the basic concepts.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics in Hindi Medium and English Medium (भौतिक विज्ञान)

Class 11 Physics is an exciting subject in student’s life as they will get exposure to learning new concepts. Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions provided will not just lay the foundation of the basics but also helps you to learn applications of it in day-to-day life. Speed up your exam preparation by taking the help of the quick resources for CBSE Class 11 Physics Notes & Study Material from here.

Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions English Medium Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions Hindi Medium
Chapter 1 Physical World भौतिक जगत
Chapter 2 Units and Measurements मात्रक एवं मापन
Chapter 3 Motion in a Straight Line सरल रेखा में गति
Chapter 4 Motion in a plane समतल में गति
Chapter 5 Laws of motion ऊष्मागतिकी
Chapter 6 Work Energy and power गति के नियम
Chapter 7 System of Particles and Rotational Motion कार्य, ऊर्जा और शक्ति
Chapter 8 Gravitation कणों के निकाय तथा घूर्णी गति
Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties Of Solids गुरुत्वाकर्षण
Chapter 10 Mechanical Properties Of Fluids ठोसों के यान्त्रिक गुण
Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of matter तरलों के यान्त्रिक गुण
Chapter 12 Thermodynamics द्रव्य के तापीय गुण
Chapter 13 Kinetic Theory अणुगति सिद्धान्त
Chapter 14 Oscillations अणुगति सिद्धान्त
Chapter 15 Waves तरंगें

Class 11 Physics NCERT Book Solutions PDF Download

Master the subject Physics taking help of the Class 11 Physics NCERT Textbook Solutions. All the Solutions are designed here to aid students in achieving good scores in exams. NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Physics are given in an elaborate manner so that you don’t miss out on any topics. Practice the NCERT Solutions for 11th Class on a regular basis and know the kind of questions that appear in exams. Self-assess your preparation by taking the help of our MCQ Questions for Class 11 Physics with Answers and improve accordingly.

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics All Chapters Brief

Students of 11th Grade can have an overview of the Class 11 Physics Syllabus and the topics covered in all the chapters of NCERT Books of Class 11 Physics. They are along the lines

Chapter 1: Physical World

This chapter explains how things work and the reason behind them. Get to know about the things surrounded by you, their origin, history of Science. Topics like electromagnetic force, gravitational force, strong and weak nuclear force are discussed in this chapter. It even explains the information on theories and observations done by scientists along with their conclusion is given. Topics like the existence of electrons, reason for the development of Science and Technology.

Chapter 2: Units and Measurements

Using the senses like ears, eyes scientists gather information and make observations. Few of them include figuring the color, texture, etc. This is a basic concept in science without which scientists will not be able to make any experiments. Know the Units of Physical Quantities and Methods to Evaluate them. Also, learn about the errors that occur while measuring things and significant figures.

Chapter 3: Motion in a Straight Line

Chapter 3 Motion in a Straight Line covers topics like comparing objects as a point object, method of plotting graphs, find values based on it. Learn about Method Plotting x-t motion graph, time taken by biker, speed of a car, time taken by bus to travel. Know the difference between the magnitude of displacement, the total length of the path, average speed, average velocity, instantaneous speed, velocity.

Chapter 4: Motion in a Plane

Learn about Scalar and Vector Quantities and their Difference. Methods of Performing Algebraic Expressions on Various Scalar Quantities are given here. Get to know about the concepts of the magnitude of vectors and their co-linearity, magnitude of the displacement vector, various types of displacement for a moving vehicle.  It also includes information on time taken by a man to cross the river, the experience of riding a bicycle in rain, etc.

Chapter 5: Laws of Motion

This is an important chapter in mechanics and questions from this chapter are most common in your exams. Referring to this chapter you will be well versed with laws of motion, their applications.

Chapter 6: Work Energy and Power

Work-Energy Theorem is a crucial topic in this Chapter. Students will know the concept of work done by a person and the energy required to do work with suitable examples. Practice the problems on finding the energy, power is given in this chapter.

Class 11th Physics NCERT Solutions

Chapter 7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion

This Chapter will make you understand the topics like the motion of extended bodies like a system of particles. Centre of Mass of a System, Motion and its Usefulness is explained in detail.

Chapter 8: Gravitation

The very popular concept of Gravitation is discussed in this chapter. You will know the difference between gravity and gravitation, the potential energy difference between two points, acceleration due to gravity, interplanetary motion, etc.

Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids

Important Concepts such as Elasticity and Plasticity are provided in this chapter. In addition, you will learn the mechanical properties of solid such as Young’s Modulus of Copper and Steel, Yield Strength. Furthermore, the chapter deals with info on the stress-strain relationship graph.

Chapter 10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Get acquainted with the physical properties of liquids and gases. Know the important property capacity to flow which separates solids from liquids and gases. Furthermore, know the concepts of Bernoulli’s Principle, Reynold’s number, Streamline Flow, Viscosity, Surface Tension, etc. Get a clear picture of the mechanical properties of fluids in this chapter.

Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter

The method for determining the temperature is covered in this chapter. Get a clear view of Newton’s Law of Cooling, Various Thermal Properties of Matter. Temperature is nothing but the hotness possessed by a body and it can be measured using a thermometer.

Chapter 12: Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is a concept of heat and temperature, conversion to other energy forms. Know the concepts like thermodynamics, specific heat capacity, various thermodynamic processes, Carnot engine, etc. from this chapter.

Chapter 13: Kinetic Theory

This Chapter is quite scoring in exams. You can learn the topics like properties of solids and liquids, properties of gases, etc. Know about the molecular nature of matter, the behavior of gases, law of equipartition of energy, kinetic theory of an ideal gas, specific heat capacity, mean free path.

Chapter 14: Oscillations

Oscillations is a very basic concept in Physics. One needs to prepare this chapter as it is important for further classes too. You will know about the topics like Periodic and Oscillatory Motions, Simple Harmonic Motion, Uniform Circular Motion, etc.

Chapter 15: Waves

It deals with comprehensive topics like Wave Dynamics, Types of Waves, Speed of Sound in Air, Dependance of Speed of Sound in Air, Tension on Strings. Wave Characteristics like Amplitude, Frequency, Wavelength Phase, Displacement of Waves, and Resonance are explained in detail.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Marking Scheme

CBSE has split the board syllabus into two halves and includes 50% of the syllabus for each term. Know the weightage allotted for the chapters and prepare wisely keeping this in mind. Allot time accordingly and work on the chapters of need.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Course Structure for 2021-22 for Term 1

Unit No. Name of Unit Marks
Unit–I Physical World and Measurement 20
Chapter–1: Physical World
Chapter–2: Units and Measurements
Unit-II Kinematics
Chapter–3: Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter–4: Motion in a Plane
Unit–III Laws of Motion
Chapter–5: Laws of Motion
Unit–IV Work, Energy and Power 15
Chapter–6: Work, Energy and Power
Unit–V Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
Chapter–7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Unit-VI Gravitation
Chapter–8: Gravitation
Total 35

CBSE Class 11 Physics Course Structure for 2021-22 Term II

Unit Name of Unit Marks
Unit–VII Properties of Bulk Matter 23
Chapter–9: Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter–10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter–11: Thermal Properties of Matter
Unit–VIII Thermodynamics
Chapter–12: Thermodynamics
Unit–IX Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases
Chapter–13: Kinetic Theory
Unit–X Oscillations and Waves 12
Chapter–14: Oscillations
Chapter–15: Waves
Total 35

NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Physics

FAQs on Physics NCERT Class 11 Solutions PDF

1. How many chapters are present in the NCERT Solutions of Class 11th Physics?

There are a total of 15 chapters in the NCERT Solutions of Class 11th Physics.

2. Can I rely on NCERT Solutions of 11th Class Physics as study material during my exams?

Yes, you can rely on NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Physics as study material during your exams as they give you a glimpse of all the chapters quite easily.

3. How to download the Class 11 Physics NCERT Textbook Solutions PDFs?

You can download the Class 11 Physics NCERT Book Solutions of All Chapters by simply tapping on the quick links available.


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