NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science | Chapterwise CBSE Class 6th Science NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science acts as an extremely helpful resource in students’ exam preparation. All the Chapterwise NCERT Solutions for Class 6 are given by subject experts who have done ample research. Class 6th Science NCERT Solutions PDF gives you a complete idea of the concepts with detailed explanations provided.

Question and Answers for all the Class 6 Science NCERT Textbook Exercises are given in both English & Hindi Mediums. All the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science are free to print and one can download these exceptional resources and prepare them offline too.

You can understand the concepts within Science Books quite easily taking the help of the 6th Class Science NCERT Solutions. It is important to have strong fundamentals right from Class 6 so that you don’t have any trouble in higher classes. NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science can be a great tool in solving problems as well as to score higher marks.

Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions | NCERT Solutions of Class 6 Science

NCERT Solutions of Class 6 Science provides you an enjoyable learning experience without making many efforts. We have included the Chapter Wise NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science PDF covering all the topics in a detailed way. The Solutions for Class 6 Science are given in a comprehensive way as per the Latest Edition of the CBSE Class 6 Science Syllabus.

Students can have strong fundamentals in the subject of Science by using our 6th Class Science NCERT Solutions. Simply click on the respective chapter you wish to prepare from the direct links and learn the concepts within.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science

Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions

Brief of All Chapters in Class 6 Science

Chapter 1: Food: Where Does it Come From

In this chapter, you will get to know various kinds of foods and their sources. In fact, you will learn both plant and animal-based food products, categories of food depending on the source of food.

Chapter 2: Components of Food

This Chapter on Components of Food deals with different food items constituents, tests for identifying scratch, protein, and fat. In this chapter, you will learn how different nutrients affect our body, along with the meaning of a balanced diet.

Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric

Fibre to Fabric Chapter includes a variety of fabrics, plant fibres, spinning of cotton yarn, etc. Referring to this chapter will give students an idea about fabric making process in detail.

Chapter 4: Sorting Materials into Groups

Sorting Materials into Groups Chapter cover details on objects around us, properties such as hardness, appearance, buoyancy, solubility, and transparency.

Chapter 5: Separation of Substances

In this Chapter 5 students will learn about the separation methods like handpicking, winnowing, threshing, sieving, decantation, sedimentation, and filtration, evaporation. In addition, you can learn about solubility and saturation of solubility.

Chapter 6: Changes Around Us

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Chapter 6 gives you insight into the reversible and irreversible nature of changes together along with ways that bring these changes in our day to day lives.

Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plants

Class 6 Science Chapter 7 Getting to Know Plants is an important chapter that sheds light on the topics of herbs, trees, shrubs, etc. Get to know about stems, leaves, roots, and flowers. Be aware of plants and their parts by going through this chapter.

Chapter 8: Body Movements

Body Movements Chapter of Class 6 Science Textbook has a brief introduction of different types of joints namely pivot joints, hinge joints, fixed joints, etc. It also includes details explained regarding the gait of animals by considering examples like snakes, earthworms, fish, snails and birds.

Chapter 9: Living Organisms and their Surroundings

The Living Organisms and Surroundings Chapter present cover the information of characteristics of living organisms, different types of habitats we live in.

Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distances

Chapter 10 of NCERT Class 6 Science is very basic and deals with topics like length measurement, measurements, standard units of measurements, measurement of the length of a curved line, transport, movement of things, etc.

Chapter 11: Light, Shadows, Reflections

In the Chapter on Light Shadows and Reflections, you can learn about the meaning of shadows, opacity, pinhole cameras and their construction. Furthermore, you will get acquainted with the topic of mirrors and reflections which you need to focus on with much attention.

Chapter 12: Electricity and Circuits

This is a crucial chapter to learn in Class 6 as it includes details of several concepts such as electric cell, a bulb connected to an electric cell, meaning, and construction of electric circuits, switches, conductors, and insulators and their significance.

Chapter 13: Fun with Magnets

Fun with Magnets is an interesting chapter that helps you get acquainted with magnetic and non-magnetic materials, the discovery of magnets, magnetic poles, how to find directions using a magnet, attraction, and repulsion of magnets.

Chapter 14: Water

Water is an important chapter in the 6th Standard Science as it helps you learn the basics such as sources of water, usage of water, the formation of clouds, the meaning of water cycle, conservation of water, and rainwater harvesting, effects of heavy rainfall drought, and many more.

Chapter 15: Air Around Us

Air Around Us Chapter conveys the presence of air constituents, oxygen availability to animals and plants present in water, soil, and recycling of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Chapter 16: Garbage In, Garbage Out

This Chapter on Garbage In Garbage Out deals with ways on how to effectively deal with garbage. Also, gives you a glimpse on topics such as garbage disposal, vermicomposting, plastics, recycling of paper, problems caused due to plastic.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Free PDF Download

Class 6 Science Chapter Wise NCERT Solutions available will give you deeper insights into the topics. 6th Class Science NCERT Solutions will give you an overview of topics and help you score good grades. You can resolve all your queries easily taking the help of these NCERT Class 6 Science Solutions. Stepwise Explanations and Concept-Based Answer Approach used will help you get an idea on how to frame answers in your exams as well as to score well.

Benefits of NCERT Science Book Class 6 Solutions PDF Free Download

Candidates can have endless benefits from referring to our NCERT Class 6 Science Book PDF. You can resolve all your topic concerning questions in no time using them and they are as follows

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science Extra Questions are created by experts.
  • Chapter Wise Science NCERT( ) Solutions for Class 6 are provided in a simple language so that students of any level of knowledge can understand them.
  • We have covered the Important Topics from the exam point of view so that you can score better grades in exams.
  • All the Class 6 NCERT Science Textbook Solutions are available in PDF format and you can download them for free.
  • Get to know the methodology of writing answers in exams by using the NCERT Class 6 Science Solutions.

Tips & Tricks for CBSE Class 6 Science Exam Preparation

Following the simple tips listed here can guide you in scoring good grades in Class 6 Board Exams. They are as under

  • Try to maintain and prepare Class 6 Science Notes on your own during your exam preparation.
  • During your practice sessions refer to the NCERT Solutions of 6th Class Science so that you can get step-by-step explanations for all questions.
  • Take time to relax and sleep well so that you stay fresh and your brain works well.
  • Learn the concepts prepared by expert teachers so that you get the right study material and can resolve your queries too.

FAQs on NCERT Class 6 Science Solutions

1. Can I rely on CBSE Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions to score well in annual exams?

Yes, you can rely on Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions to get a good hold of the concepts for all the chapters. Solving the questions available in the solutions helps you to score well.

2. Where do I get Chapter Wise Solutions of NCERT Class 6th Science?

You can get Chapterwise Solutions of NCERT Class 6th Science all organized efficiently on our page.

3. How to download Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions?

You can download Science NCERT Solutions Class 6 via quick links available. All you need to do is simply tap on them to access them and prepare offline too.


Hope the knowledge shed above has enlightened you to the possible extent with the help of our Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions PDF. If you need any assistance on Different Types of NCERT Solutions do reach us via the comment section so that we can help you out. Bookmark our site to avail latest updates on Class 6 NCERT Solutions and other classes too.

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