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Have you been finding it difficult to solve the crossword puzzle? For over a century crossword puzzles are the favorite pass time for those who love words.  Most people will get frustrated with solving these crossword puzzles as they are a little tough. Are you the one among them who wanted to become the ultimate puzzle solver? Don’t worry, we are here to make your tough game easier. Just find the answers to your crossword puzzle with our online free crossword solver.

People who are good at solving crossword puzzles may think that what is the use of this crossword solver as we can already solve them with the clues. But if you have done crossword puzzles easily it may be right and sometimes it may be wrong. At that time this crossword solver will help you in showing correct answers and you no need to wait for the next day’s newspaper. In this article, we have also explained how to use this crossword solver, what is it, tips to understand crossword puzzles, and also how to solve these crossword puzzles easily.

What is Crossword Puzzle?

In these upcoming generations, most of them do not know what is a crossword puzzle, for them, this is the answer. This crossword puzzle first appeared in 1913 in the new york world newspaper. A crossword puzzle is a specially designed grid with spaces for horizontal and vertical words. In this puzzle, each open square is the space for the letter. With this grid, we also get the list of clues corresponding to the number squares. Because the words should not intersect. Mostly in the olden days, these are available in newspapers, now it is available in apps too.

Types of Crossword Puzzles

As crossword puzzle is the most interesting game and it is been for so long, we have also got several variations on the standard format. Now we have many types of crossword puzzle that varies in different style and different in difficulty.

  • Cryptic crossword
  • Jumble
  • Themed crosswords
  • Secret Phase

How does Daily Crossword Solver Works?

Solving a crossword puzzle using our crossword solver is easy. And now we will look into the steps on how to use this crossword solver.

  • Firstly, you need to enter the clue that you need to solve on the first main box.
  • In the second line, you can see some boxes like starting with, ending with, contains, if you know anything that, for example, if you know the starting letter from the clue or middle letter or ending letter. You can enter them.
  • Then you can search by clicking on the search box if you feel that you cannot find the answer.
  • Choose one more option that is the length, enter the length of the answer so that you can minimize the list and get the specific answer.

Tips for Understanding Clues of Crosswords

It is very hard to understand the crossword clue as the crossword writers are scandalous for being cryptic. Here we have provided some tips on how to understand these crossword clues easily.

  • In crossword clues, if you see any question marks think of homonyms, puns, and wordplay as the answer is not straightforward.
  • If the clue is abbreviated, think of abbreviations and also memorize common suffixes.
  • If you get the clue of synonyms writes in the same tenses that are in the clue.
  • Fill in the blank questions are a bit easier, try to solve them at first.
  • Mostly when you are starting a crossword puzzle first start with short words that make it easy to find the long words.
  • Make sure that you use a pencil if you are solving it on physical paper. So that it will be easy to erase and will not look clumsy.

Unscramble Words with These Letters

FAQs on Quick Crossword Solver

1. Is googling crossword cheating?

Absolutely Yes. It is definitely cheating to use crossword puzzle help.

2. Is there an app for solving crossword puzzles?

Yes, we have many different apps for android and desktop.

3. What is the best crossword puzzle app for iPad?

The best crossword puzzle app for iPad is crossword US, penny dell crossword, the world’s biggest crossword, and many others.

4. what is the best tool to search the crossword clues?

The crossword solver is the best tool to search crossword clues for finding the answer.

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